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Graphic design

I design documents for print or digital. Books, art books, booklets, flyers, playing cards and all other communication products. From the design of the layout to the smallest details, for all your stories: horrific, investigation, historical, fantasy, SF, superheroic, etc.

E-book design

I design ebooks in reflowable ePub (HTML) format. Digital books from novels to illustrated role-playing games rulebooks. It’s a complete reworking of the original document to take into account accessibility for text-to-speech softwares (dys and blind audiences).


I do ink illustration with digital colorization. Concept art, non-human animals and creatures for game worlds. My style is a mix of comic books, scientific illustration and graphic novels. Two available variations: dark and strange atmosphere for your horrific or SF universes (strong black values, thin line details) or light and carefree atmosphere (pencil lines, pastel colors).

Game design

Game enthusiast (tabletop roleplaying, board games and escape games). I keep an eye on atypical TTRPGs, and I’m an enthusiast of singleplayer ones. I do creation, translation (EN to FR), and proofreading on French texts. I also regularly contribute to French and English collective projects (zines, games, papers).

Art packs, creations, translations, collaborations… Please visit to browse all my content and sites related to JDR.

angela quidam

Design & illustration. France.

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Fields of expertise list

  • graphic design
  • layout work
  • graphic design consulting
  • picture editing
  • ePub design
  • illustration

angela quidam design

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